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Package Ice (freestyle ice) is designated practice time for figure skaters and their coaches. Skaters must be ISI Freestyle 1 level or above or the USFS equivalent to attend these sessions.

View our Package Ice Schedule: Package Ice Spring 2021 Schedule

McFetridge Sports Center Package Ice Rules & Guidelines

Please review the package ice Rules and Guidelines below, that will be in effect until further notice. The rink management wants to make sure everyone stays safe, so these rules will need to be followed by everyone:

  • Anyone in the building will need to wear a mask/face covering at all times, even on the ice.
  • Package ice sessions must be registered for online in advance for both skaters and Non-Staff pros ( Only those skaters registered for the sessions will be allowed on the ice for that time. Ice time coupons will not be accepted.
  • No credits or refunds will be issued for a session a skater/Non-Staff pro can’t attend. If a skater is registered for a session and can’t make it, there will be no substituting another skater in place of that skater.
  • All skaters and Non-Staff coaches will enter the building from the south doors only and will check in at the front desk or with the ice monitor at the table in the lobby, before proceeding to the main rink/ studio rink through designated doors. All skaters on the main rink will exit the ice from the bleacher-side south rink door (closest to the “LifeSource” sign on the boards). Skaters will exit the studio rink from the corner doors.
  • Everyone in the building must maintain a minimum of 6 feet social distancing at all times. This includes skaters and coaches on the ice. There will be no direct contact between individuals for any reason.
  • Skaters and coaches should arrive no more than 10 minutes before the session on which you are skating/teaching. Skaters and coaches should leave the building as soon as possible after their session has ended.
  • Skate bags, backpacks or any type of bag will not be allowed into the building (small purses/wallets allowed). Whenever possible, please arrive with skates already on and limit the amount of gear you bring (water bottle, tissues, gloves). If you need to put your skates on in the designated skate tying area, please do not leave your shoes/coats/items in this area while you skate. Either put the items in the hockey bench area while you skate or relocate the items to the designated skate removal area on the Zamboni end of the rink. Guards should be kept with other belongings on the boards, not at the doorways.
  • All Staff and Non-Staff coaches will teach from off the ice, spaced around the rink (Three coaches in each hockey bench, one in each penalty box, one at each entrance door on the bleacher side). If more space is needed, one in the announcer’s box and one at each entrance door on the lobby side of the rink.
  • No gathering allowed in any common areas of the rink. Parents may enter into the rink from the designated doors and walk around the rink surface to the south end bleachers, where they can watch the skaters, spaced 6 feet apart.
  • Use of the IPod cord will be allowed, but not the CD player. Skating order swipe board can be utilized. There will be disinfectant wipes to sanitize these items before and after each use. Please dispose of the wipes in the trash receptacle after use.
  • Use of the jump harness will not be allowed until further notice.
  • No sitting on the boards while teaching lessons. Coaches must not walk out on the ice in shoes in the active skating area.
  • The water fountains will be turned off, so skaters should bring their own water bottles. Tissues can be brought to the ice, but used tissues must immediately be thrown in the trash can after use.

Thank you for your cooperation! Happy Skating!


View our Ice Rink Spin & Jump Diagram: Package Ice Spin Jump Diagram

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