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Synchronized Skating


McFetridge Sports Center is the home of the Chicago Skates Synchronized Skating Teams. Our synchronized skating program has over 20 years of tradition in a team sport that builds character, cooperation, commitment, as well as skating skills. Skating in this organization is based on fun and learning. We want every skater to look forward to practice, work hard, and take pride in their efforts and successes. In the process, each skater will learn how to be creative, confident, and work toward a common goal. The team will also provide individuals with opportunities to lead, as well as to support their fellow skaters. For those who are new to the sport, synchronized skating continues to be one of the most popular disciplines in figure skating. It is already a successful collegiate sport at many colleges and universities across the country. The sport is similar to synchronized swimming, in that a team of skaters performs a program in unison. The program includes elements such as circles, lines, intersections, wheels, blocks and creative elements. The objective is to blend skating elements such as footwork and jumps and spins, into these formations so the skaters look like one unit as they perform. It is truly a spectacular sport to watch and participate in!

The coaching staff is looking forward to a fun 2020-21 season and has ambitious goals for our future skaters. We hope to offer an opportunity for any skater that has an interest in synchronized skating. Our 6 USFS teams provide a team opportunity for most ages and ability levels.

Go Chicago Skates!


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