Spring Session
Spring Session registration opens online on 3/7 by visiting www.ChicagoParkDistrict.com and searching for the park page for McFetridge Sports Center. In-Person Registration Begins Saturday, 3/11 at 12pm. Activities for the Spring Session will begin the week of 3/27 and run through the week of 5/29.

New to the Tennis Program 

  • The Tots class is now called Pee Wees.
  • It is designed for children ages 4-6 years old. Once a child is 7 years old he/she will progress by skill through the age of 10.
  • USTA’s 10 and under program uses three different colored balls with different compressions, the red ball, the orange ball and the green ball. The names of the programs in the fall reflect the ball that the class will be using.
  • USTA L1, 6-9yrs old = Red Ball 1
  • USTA L2, 6-9yrs old = Red Ball 2
  • USTA L3, 6-9yrs old=Orange Ball 1 or Orange Ball 2 (depending on how many times the child has taken the class)
  • USTA L1, 9-11yrs old = Orange Ball 2
  • USTA L2, 9-11yrs old = Green Ball 1 or 2 (depending on how many times the child has taken the class)
  • Please note that all summer patrons were evaluated on their basic skill level. Each patron was then given a prerequisite for a specific class that is appropriate for their skill level.
  • Please check your park district account for what level you have been approved for prior to the August 2, 2016, registration date.  If you have any questions regarding your prerequisite level or changes in the program, I may be contacted at Lrau@mcfetridgesportscenter.net or 773 478-2609.

    Click Here to Register for Classes at McFetridge Sports Center Online

    Doubles & Singles Play
    Mondays and Wednesdays
    8:00am to 10:00am
    Cost: $10
    No registration needed – Just drop in.

    Attendance will be taken each class. Each student is allowed one make up per 8 week session. To schedule a make up class please contact the Tennis Office and they will find a class you can join to make up for your missed class.


    Level 1 – Beginner (1.0-1.7) NTRP Equivalent
    This program is offered for 1st time players who have had no formal training in tennis. Players who have developed some skill on their own are encouraged to take this level as an introduction to the basic strokes and fundamentals of the game.

    Level 2 – (1.8-2.4) NTRP Equivalent
    For the continued development of the avid lesson goer, this level is offered for those who have achieved proper skill and knowledge either by: a) amassing successful tennis skill on their own by demonstrating some consistency of stroke production in a ratings clinic* or approved screening by a McFetridge pro. b) Returning to the game and formal lessons after achieving a consistent level of play comparable to the prerequisite of consistency on forehand and backhand, success on volley and placement of second serve. c) Attending lessons and attaining skills that meet the requirement mentioned above.

    Level 3 – Intermediate (2.5-3.2) NTRP Equivalent
    For the player who has developed an intermediate level of skill usually through the continuation of lessons. This player has now groomed strength in consistency of stroke or other skill and has enjoyed the sport enough to dedicate practice time and lessons as well. Specialty shots such as an overhead smash and drop volley, as well as directional control and an introduction to spins are some of the advanced subjects covered.

    Level 4 – (3.3-3.9) NTRP Equivalent

    This player has now achieved a strong level of intermediate play acquired usually through several seasons of dedicated play. Returning competitive players are encouraged to return to the level of instruction for a review of the fundamentals, strategies, and stroke forms necessary to competitive play. Knowledge of court positioning as well as full development of net and stroke is a prerequisite to this level. Advanced lessons on spin, strategy, and correction of form are an example of a level 4 lesson.

    Level 5 – Advanced (4.0-4.5) NTRP Equivalent
    This level is offered as a continuance of lessons for players who make competitive play and practice part of their life-style. For the tournament or league player as well as the student who has pursued tennis to a high skill level through ongoing lessons and practice.
    This player will receive a review of fundamentals, tactics, and situational play drills to eliminate weakness in his or her all court game.
    This player has success in placement, spin, pace, and directional control on all strokes and reinforces these skills through practice.

What's New

Spring Session registration opens online on 3/7
We’re excited to participate in the Chicago
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