Welcome to the McFetridge Yoga & Fitness Studio!

McFetridge Yoga & Fitness studio is a unique yoga and fitness program within the Chicago Park District that aims to promote health and well being to the community by offering all-levels yoga classes and fitness classes seven days per week. McFetridge Yoga & Fitness Studio provides accessible, affordable, and quality instruction in our studio overlooking the ice rink. We believe that students of all ages, experience, and activity levels can benefit from regular movement. Try a drop-in class or take advantage of our discounted memberships!


McFetridge Yoga & Fitness Studio Class Policies

When You Arrive
Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to class. No late admittance will be allowed.
All students must sign in at the front desk prior to entering the yoga studio. 
New students must fill out a liability waiver prior to attending their first class.
Studio doors will be open at least 15 minutes before and after every class.
If you have to leave early, please inform the instructor before class begins.

What To Bring
Most equipment that is needed for class will be provided, with the exception of a yoga mat.
All classes require the use of a yoga mat. Please bring your own mat. 
Street shoes are to be removed and placed in the cubbies in the lobby. 
No food or drinks are allowed in the studio except sealed water bottles. 

Studio Etiquette
Please silence or turn off your cell phone before entering the studio. 
Wipe down all mats and equipment used with the disinfectant wipes provided. 
Students between 12-16 years of age may attend an unheated class with their parent or guardian. 
The instructor has the right to deny any child or adult admittance to class based on their own discretion. 
Misconduct of any kind will result in removal from the class and sports center. 
Please send any questions, concerns, or feedback to yoga@mcfetridgesportscenter.net

Thank you, 
McFetridge Yoga & Fitness Studio Management