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We offer ballet for early childhood (3-6 years old), youth (6-9 years old), preteen (9-13 years old), and adult (18+).
This beginner level activity is an introduction to classical ballet. Instruction includes the five positions, floor and barre work as well as basic dance combinations. Introduce the basics of ballet and tumbling. Dance lessons help build strength, self-confidence, and respect for self and others. We will learn basic techniques such as tendu, plie, and boure as well as work on coordination and rhythm.

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We offer tap for early childhood (3-6 years old).
This class is an introduction to the basics of tap dance. Instruction will focus on isolating different foot movements, rhythm, and building a foundation of technical steps such as heel-toe walks, shuffles, flaps, cramp rolls, and paradiddles. Students will learn basic combinations as they build coordination and strength
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We offer jazz & acrobatics for youth (6-9 years old).
Explore Jazz dance and build strength and flexibility with Acrobatics in this fun dance class. Dancers will learn the basics of jazz dance technique through activities and dance combinations. Emphasis is placed on rhythm, locomotor skills, and coordination. The Acrobatics portion of class with teach students age-appropriate tumbling basics, while also practicing physical skills in a fun way.