McFetridge Sports Center Opening

At the McFetridge Sports Center, our primary concern is the health and safety of patrons. During these challenging times, we are taking all possible measures to protect everyone who enters our facility when we reopen, and we will be asking everyone to cooperate in this effort. We have developed a Safety Protocol which will be required to be followed by everyone who enters our facility. We will also be following all federal, state, and local laws and guidelines regarding our operations. In addition, we will be taking the following extra health and safety measures and requiring everyone who enters the Facility to follow these procedures. These procedures outlined below are subject to change by McFetridge Sports Center at any time in the sole discretion of management to maximize safety for everyone.

Cleaning Practices

McFetridge Sports Center is using cleaning practices as outlined by VenueShield, a best-in-class cleaning program that was implemented in response to COVID-19. Checklists have been developed for all common areas throughout the facility. Extra time has been allotted between each class or rental to allow for disinfection.

Patron Guidelines

In order to help educate the patron, signage has been posted throughout the building. In addition to new class rules, the following is in place for patron movements going forward.

  • All patrons and children (over the age of 2) are required to wear masks in the building. Mask are required at all times including when participating in activities.
  • Congregation in common areas is prohibited.
    • If a parent is with a child, they may help their child to their class and must either sit socially distanced in their respective bleachers or wait outside of the building
  • Designated entry and exit doors have been marked for all entries within the facility.
  • All participants partaking in activities must come dressed for said sport as all locker rooms are closed off to the public. We will not be allowing any equipment bags in to the facility.
    • For skaters, chairs have been set up inside the ice rink to tie skates. Parent may accompany child if they need to assist in this, if not, they should proceed directly to bleachers
  • The only washrooms open to the public are located in the lobby and in the studio rink area
    • Tennis washrooms/locker rooms are closed to public
  • Drinking fountains have been turned off at all locations, all participants must bring their own water bottles
  • In the rink, only the bleachers will be open for spectators. They will be marked for 6ft of separation and every two rows closed. Only family members allowed to sit with each other. Parents not allowed to stand along the dasher boards

Activity Entrance Procedures


  • All patrons are required to enter the building through designated lobby entrance doors.
  • It is important that the tennis patrons be ready to go on the court when the class begins, but please arrive with only enough time to get to class, (10 minutes early)
  • The Tennis Instructors will lead the tennis patrons onto the court one class at a time.
  • No chairs are available on the tennis courts
  • Upon completion of the class, the tennis patrons will exit the court. Parents may come down from the balcony when their child has left the court.
  • Upon completion of class all patrons will be asked to directly leave the facility using designated lobby exit doors.
  • Minimum of thirty (30) minutes between classes and rentals.

Ice Rink:

  • Folding chairs lined along the north wall for children/adults to tie their skates.
  • All participants will enter the ice one group (eight persons max) at a time
    • Class levels will be displayed to assist patrons with where to line up
  • Participants will use the two entry doors located in the benches on the east side of the rink
  • Each group of eight will proceed to their designated portion of the ice.
  • Upon completion of the class, groups one by one will exit the ice using the double doors located on the northwest side of the ice rink
  • We will not be renting out helmets or lending out equipment. Other than Skates
  • Minimum of thirty (30) minutes between classes

Yoga/Fitness Studio:

  • Patrons will be asked to be dressed and prepared to start class before entering the facility.
  • Patrons will scan membership cards at front desk using bar code scanner and report directly to the yoga studio or fitness room.
  • All participants will be spaced at least six feet part
  • Any and all equipment used during class will be placed in a designated bin to be cleaned and disinfected immediately after use.
  • Upon completion of class all patrons will be asked to directly leave the facility using designated lobby exit doors.
  • Minimum of forty-five (45) minutes between classes