We are excited to reintroduce ourselves as… ⁠

McFetridge Wellness!
We love offering yoga and fitness and will continue to do so for years to come! But sometimes in a world of “no pain, no gain”, physical fitness is the focal point, while mindfulness can be left behind⁠.⁠
We want our focus to include all types and styles of wellness: physical, social, mental, emotional, and beyond⁠.
We will strive to offer group yoga and fitness classes that are mindful, affordable, and empowering to students of all levels and abilities⁠.
We have exciting things to come and we hope you can join us on the journey⁠!


Class Policies
Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to class. No late admittance will be allowed.
All students must sign in at the front desk prior to entering the studio. 
Please bring your own mat – All classes require the use of a yoga mat. 
Please silence or turn off your cell phone before entering the studio. 
Students 13 and up may attend yoga classes with their parent or guardian (not fitness classes). 


Contact Us
Please send any questions, concerns, or feedback to yoga@mcfetridgesportscenter.net